Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How to improve your GP grade

Cautionary note: This is not a guaranteed solution

1. Start to use your brain.

Remember the 5-Whys? No? Basically, it is why, why, why, why and WHY. Think critically. Find out why a certain issue occur. The basics. The core. Develop depth. How to develop depth?
2. Read, read and read some more.
What to read?
The MI library is fantastic. It is always stocked with new arrivals and the librarian is such a great help. Factual books are the best but if you have trouble reading them, you can start with the thinner ones. What to choose? Much depends on your preference. Just refrain from reading chick lit and Harry Potter. Previously, I have recommended books such as Freakonomics and Discover your Inner Economist in class.

If you read The New Paper, it is time to spend that 70 cents on The Straits Times. You get a lot more pages and content. Although the Sports and Life! sections are more digestible,
the Review and Insight are a must-read to develop critical thinking. If you have no idea, get some ideas here from those who have. Do not take things at face-value. Critique.

3. Have an opinion with concrete evidence.

It is not just a baseless view. From the information you gather, you will have some ideas swimming in your head. Organise them and you will have a better argument. Discuss it with your peers, teachers or even your elders. They might even be impressed by your insight! =)

4. Improve your grammar.

Buy the Preston Primary 6 grammar exercise book and practise.

A GP tutor also answered the same question. You can read his post here.


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